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Latest version:
v1.0, 2013-10-26


File-O-Matic is a bot-app that can automatically execute simple actions on your files according to the rules you specify.

The simple interface lets you create a rule in less than 10 seconds! Set the input folder, the output folder, what to check (can be the name, the extension, the complete filename, the last modified date or the size of the file) and what to do (copy or move).

Activate the operation and you're done! When File-O-Matic recognizes a change in a specific folder, it will check the rules against all the files in that folder and execute the action specified.

Simple as that!




Main features

If something happens in the source folder, the app will check for conditions and will act accordingly.
You can specify as many operations as you like.

Supported conditions for file name/extension/complete filename:
  • equals to a string
  • contains a string
  • starts with a string
  • ends with a string
  • pattern
For the Pattern condition, you can use * for any characters. For example use 'a*.png' to apply the filter to all the files which start with a and are of png type.

Supported conditions for date (modification date):
  • before/before or equals a date
  • after/after or equals a date
  • equals a date
  • between two dates
  • outside two dates
Supported conditions for size:
  • before/before or equals a value
  • after/after or equals a value
  • equals a value
  • between two values
  • outside two values
Localized in:
  • English


Mac OS 10.8+
Tested and 100% compatible with OSX Mavericks!


v1.0 [2013-10-26]
initial version

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