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Latest version:
v1.1.1, 2013-11-22


SnipCode is a powerful and useful productivity app with a sleek and bold interface that helps organizing snippets, small pieces of code, tag and search them in a super fast way at the press of a button. It can be used by everyone who needs a way to keep notes, remember things and organize ideas in a very fast and simple way!

This app can make the development process faster and more productive, reusing already developed code and keeping everything always ready to be used.
Ease of use, speed and a minimalist interface make of SnipCode an app that you will love and use every day and it will be definitely your best development companion. Just download the app and try for yourself and after you can tell us if we were right!




Main features

  • Set an hotkey to open the snippet popup
  • Set an hotkey to create a snippet from the clipboard (just use copy in an app and use the hotkey to create a snippet!)
  • Tag auto suggest in real time while typing
  • Simple, super fast, intuitive and elegant
  • Add a title, tags, content and save!
  • Create a new snippet from the clipboard
  • Syntax highlight with more than 80 supported languages
  • Use the text of the snippet by dragging it from the list to your editor or copy using the CMD + C combination
  • Smart search, find quickly what you're looking for!
  • Export / Import snippet database
  • Change from popup to window while editing (and viceversa)
  • Retina Graphics!
  • Label in main screen with number of snippets saved or searched
  • 'Start at login' setting (only app sold outside the Mac App Store for now)
  • AppleScript support (add a snippet/count the snippets in the database)
Localized in:
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian

AppleScript support (v1.1+)

Count the snippets in the database (return an integer):
count snippets

Add a new snippet (return a boolean, yes for correctly saved snippet):
add new snippet "<content>" title "<title>" tags "<tags>" syntax "<syntax>"

<content> - content of the snippet
<title> - title of the snippet
<tags> - tags (separated by space or comma)
<syntax> - syntax definition. Use one of the values from the Syntax combo list in SnipCode (optional)

tell application "SnipCode"

	add new snippet "text" title "Title" tags "t1,t2" syntax "None"

	count snippets
end tell


⌘+N	New snippet
⌘+⇧+N New snippet from Clipboard
⌘+C Copy a selected snippet
⌘+⌫ Delete one or more selected snippets
You can also set 2 global hotkeys:
  • open/close the main panel
  • create new snippet from Clipboard


Mac OS 10.8+
Tested and 100% compatible with OSX Mavericks!
Best video resolution: 1280x800 and above


v1.1.1 [2013-11-22]
fixed a bug which prevented adding a new snippet (English localization app)

v1.1 [2013-11-20]
major interface improvements, new tag control, auto suggest tags, fixed few UI/code issues, AppleScript support, new default syntax preference

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