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Tumblelog Picture Downloader

Latest version:
v1.1, 2013-10-08

Tumblelog Picture Downloader

Tumblelog Picture Downloader lets you download all the pictures from a Tumblr account in a simple and easy way.

Instead of going to the archive page and loading the pictures in a web browser, which can be slow and time consuming, simply specify the Tumblr account you want to download the pictures from and press GO! It's as easy as pressing one button!

You can choose to overwrite the pictures already downloaded with the same name (default is to skip already downloaded pictures) and also specify the element from which to start from.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this app uses the public rss of Tumblr and doesn't scrape the pages for pictures, so it's compliant with the Tumblr terms of use. But, just in case, don't misuse this app!

This app is not affiliated or endorsed by Tumblr, which is copyright of Tumblr, Inc.




Main features

  • Download all the pictures from a Tumblr account in one click.
  • Clear information about the percentage of the download process on the dock or with the progress bar
  • Notifications tell you when all the pictures have been downloaded
Localized in:
  • English


Mac OS 10.8+
Tested and 100% compatible with OSX Mavericks!


v1.1 [2013-10-08]
minor UI improvements, added parser for complete tumblr address like

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